same day cerec crowns

Same Day 'CEREC' Crowns

Victoria Place Dental Practice is the only local dental surgery that can offer a ‘same day – same visit – while you wait’ crown service using our amazing CEREC digital technology.

That’s right, we can complete a crown from start to finish while you wait or even watch your restoration being made.

And what’s more the process requires no messy moulds.

Despite investing in this equipment as long ago as 2006 we still, all these years later, meet new patients who never knew such technology existed and have been putting up with mouthfuls of impression material, temporary crowns that fall off and a second appointment with more injections two or more weeks later. That’s more time off work, more pain, more inconvenience and more jabs.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about their incredible ‘CEREC’ digital crown milling technology or watch their video.

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