At Victoria Place Dental Practice in the heart of beautiful Biggleswade, Bedfordshire we have a wealth of experience when it comes to teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening with our £295 home bleaching kits can be used in a very simple and cost-effective way to cosmetically enhance a smile in a safe and controlled way with the peace of mind that our professional dentists will have examined you first to ensure your suitability for such treatments.

Teeth Whitening can be used in combination with other options such as crowns, bridges, veneers or bonding, or teeth straightening to further enhance a smile. 

It should also only be undertaken under the supervision of registered dental health care professionals.

Yes, you can probably get something cheaper over the internet or from a beauty salon or someone that does a teeth whitening service from the comfort of their kitchen. 

Whilst you’re searching the net for a bargain take a quick search for the things that go wrong when cheap chemicals get onto lips, gums or the skin on your face. Your supplier will be very unlikely to take responsibility or to know what to do about it if things do go wrong.

Let’s put it another way; would you let your local plumber do heart surgery on you? 

Or how about this; would you let us cut your hair? We’re pretty good with drills! It wont look that bad.. and it’ll grow back… maybe.

Don’t risk your oral health. It really isn’t worth the risk, because one thing’s for certain; if it goes wrong you’ll be coming to see us for treatment that will probably be far more costly than the few quid you saved!

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