At Victoria Place Dental Practice in the heart of beautiful Biggleswade, Bedfordshire we have a wealth of experience when it comes to dental implants.

Dental implants can be used to replace dentures or individual failing teeth and with digital laboratory technology, we can even arrange same-day replacement subject to ensure your suitability.

Dental Implants can be used to solve a multitude of cosmetic, developmental or disease issues that lead to the loss of teeth and thereby impact a smile. If patients can’t tolerate dentures they offer a lifelike ‘fixed’ alternative that wont need to be removed and put in a glass by their bedside at night. In the gallery above you’ll find examples that include dental implants used to replace a few teeth, a whole jaw of teeth and even full sets of teeth. All completed on local patients from Bedfordshire. Implants can be used in combination with other options such as crowns, bridges, veneers or bonding, teeth whitening, or teeth straightening to further enhance a smile. The last case in our gallery is one in which many of the above were utilised. All of the pictures in our gallery are of our own patients who have been through the process and kindly given permission to show their images. We never use stock images of models in our marketing as we’d rather our happy patients show what we’re able to do to help other local people just like them. Embarrassment over an unsightly set of teeth or loose dentures can affect confidence and well being. Talk to us if your smile, dentures, or loosening teeth are bothersome. We’ll talk you through the multitude of options available. Throughout our process, our patients will always be made to feel a part of their own dental care. So, if you’re looking for dental implants in Bedfordshire drop us a line and we’ll be happy to schedule you a no-obligation consultation.

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Frequently asked questions about Dental Implants

Dental implants are currently the closest we have come technologically to replacing an extracted or missing tooth or set of teeth. They are essentially industrially purified titanium fixtures that are screwed into the jaw bone to act as anchorage for whatever we wish to build upon them. Think of them like the rawlplugs that you would place into a wall before screwing on brackets to put up a shelf. In much the same way we can add brackets, bars or other fixings known as ‘abutments’ to the buried implants to attach single teeth, sets of teeth as bridges or whole jaws of teeth for patients wishing to replace diseased or damaged teeth or their old dentures.

In ideal circumstances the teeth can be manufactured to fix to the implants on the same day as surgery. Working with our surgical partners digital dental laboratories we are able to offer such same day implant services for patients seeking full jaw or full mouth implant replacement dentistry.

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No medical or dental procedure should be considered ‘permanent’ in the truest meaning of the word. After all we are only human; we age, we get damaged, in fact often the reason for replacing teeth with implants is because they aged or got damaged. We aren’t any of us as good as the ‘Big Dentist in the Sky’ and we’re not yet as skilled with our materials as ‘Mother Nature’. If ‘natural’ teeth didn’t last in a particular patient’s mouth should we expect anything ‘man-made’ to fare better in the same mouth? Often neglect is the reason a person loses their teeth. We’ll do our utmost to educate patients in why their own teeth failed but it is ultimately up to them how they choose to look after their ‘third’ set of teeth.

It’s important to also understand and accept the processes that cause real natural teeth to require repair can in many cases likewise deteriorate, injure or otherwise degrade or damage an artificial tooth. 

That being said implants are simply artificial solid materials ‘implanted’ into fallible human flesh and blood. They don’t know how old they are so in theory dental implants could last indefinitely if cared for well. 

The most common cause of implant failure then is not so much to do with the implants themselves but more to do with the biological conditions around them; It is we that age, get infections, get injured or find it harder to maintain the health or our bodies. If the gum or bone around dental implants starts to age, recede, gets traumatised or diseased then just like these factors might cause a real tooth to loosen or fail so can they cause an artificial implant to loosen or fail. It is also true to say that statistically people who lose their natural teeth to either disease or neglect will likely do the same to any artificial replacements unless they can change these factors in their favour.

Scrupulous oral hygiene measures, regular visits to the dentist and a dental hygienist, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle all go some way to maintain oral and general health and are thus always advised for patients with dental implants.

What we definitely cannot change is the ageing process. We all will and as we age we will lose bone density and volume. Basically we’ll shrink and that will include our jaw bones and gums. Our own teeth may loosen and if they can then we should accept artificial teeth may too.

But all this being said, which would you rather have in your old age, dentures in a glass by your bedside or state of the art teeth fixed in your jaws?

The ideal would be your own teeth, so protecting them from injury and working on maintaining their health and the surrounding gums and jaws before they deteriorate – that’s the smart move!

Feel free to visit our practice home page to learn more about us and why patients from across Bedfordshire choose us for their dental implants;

It is very rare nowadays that any patients can receive implants on the NHS. Some with congenital disorders affecting the mouth or others where there is a distinct medical need may still be treated with implants on the NHS but patients in otherwise good health will not. Where NHS implants are offered it is typically in the hospital setting.

Private dentists can offer dental implants in their clinics where they have had the appropriate post-graduate training but this is entirely outside of the NHS system.

Implants are not an ‘off the shelf’ item with a fixed price. The process of providing patients with implants to replace single teeth, adjacent groups of teeth, whole jaws of teeth or whole mouths of new teeth is a bespoke service involving a diagnostic process that may include special tests like X-rays, Ct-Scans, preliminary preparatory surgeries such as extractions or bone grafting, cosmetic or bite functional planning and trialing, the implant surgery, the implants themselves, the connection components known as abutments and the final laboratory produced teeth to connect to the abutments, so it’s not as simple as saying an implant costs this much.

What we can advise are broad guidelines;

An uncomplicated replacement of a single tooth could be of the order of £3350.

A whole jaw of the order of £11500 to £12500.

A whole mouth of the order of £22000 (dependant on materials and level of service).

With so many variables we recommend booking a consultation with one of our dentists highly experienced in implants.

Contact us at Victoria Place Dental and we’ll be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can also arrange finance subject to credit checks and the terms and conditions of our credit broker partners.

Yes, you definitely can. The further East you are prepared to travel the less literally everything will be, from the cost of cars, homes, food, clothing and dental surgeries to the overheads of the clinics, the wages of the staff and the legal protections to you.

In the UK you are protected by our high quality regulation which means you can trust the clinics, the training of your implant surgeon and the standards they must reach to satisfy the Care Quality Commission.

But most importantly implant dentistry is not a quick process that once done requires no monitoring or maintenance. Implants are man-made artificial pieces of technology that can fail just like the parts of a car. As there are thousands of different implant systems around the world ask yourself; will you be prepared to travel abroad again and again every time your implants require maintenance or repair?

No dentist will take upon themselves the responsibility for another dentist’s work even within the same country. Therefore it is quite common that you may be referred back to the original clinic where an implant was done if something needs attention or face having to pay to replace them from scratch if you’re unable to return.

There are amazing dentists all over the world and our principal dentist at Victoria Place Dental knows many of them who have often been able to assist our own patients who have moved abroad and that we know can definitely beat our prices, however the issue still remains that the cost of travel for maintenance and repairs over the long run will definitely outweigh any initial saving you may make.